I went through all the answers and found that none of them are up-to-date. Some Methods described in the answers might even result in a BAN of YOUR PUBG MOBILE account. So today I will share how ANYONE CAN EARN UC. THIS IS THE OFFICIAL METHOD.

Recently PUBG Mobile released 0.11. Update. The the main highlight of the update was Zombie Mode made in collaboration with Resident Evil 2 Remake. The update also added a new India Only Event i.e India Bonus Challenge which enables users to get FREE UC just by playing special matches.

free UC in PUBG mobile
free UC in PUBG mobile
  1. OPEN PUBG Mobile and go to the Esports tab present to the right of inventory tab.
  2. Open the India Bonus Challenge. Skip through the intro cards.
  3. You will be given a Bonus challenge Pass or Ticket and 100 battle coins.
  4. Next you will find yourself in a Page with 3 types of matches with varying rewards and entry cost. You can register for the novice match or you can exchange your 100 Battle coins in exchange of another Bonus challenge Pass or Ticket and enter register for adapt matches.
  5. These matches are time specific and are held in the weekends only.(The timers against the types of matches will show you the exact timing of the next match).
  6. Once you register and play a match you will be given points based on your kills and survival Position. Points will be stored converted to Battle Coins and sent to your account every Thursday at 10 AM IST(Indian Standard Time).
  7. Once You Have 1000 Battle coins it can be redeemed in exchange of 100 UC.